How often have we heard the words: ‘as above, so below’. The origins of this mystical idea lie in far-ancient Egypt. Modern science has begun to observe that the macrocosmos is the same as the microcosmos. The complex organization of all aspects of the Universe are reflected in all aspects of the human body, and vise versa. On a physical level, the Universe is reflected in the cell, the organelles, the atom, etc. As humans, we contain worlds within worlds, universes within universes. We, and the Cosmos are one and the same.
Ancient Indigenous people had an inherent knowing of their deep interrelationship with their environment, existing in an inseparable harmony with the rhythms of the earth, creatures, rivers, oceans, winds and stars. In a way, there was no inside and outside, but the natural embodiment of the continuum of Life.
We are currently suffering the effects of doing just the opposite: focusing on separation of ourselves from the environment. Our prevalent world view depicts us at the top of the evolutionary tree and all the other life forms as lesser beings. From this separated point of view, we have learned to dominate, take, manipulate and exploit anything which will bring us profit, comfort and power. Corporations like Monsanto and most large agribusiness firms have created a paradigm in which contamination of the seeds, food, soil and water is reframed as ‘progress. This comes from a mindset that recognizes human profit and control as the only criteria.
No matter how we ‘reframe’ it, however, the simple truth abides, that we are a part of Life — not the creators or controllers of it’s path. Coming into a new paradigm of interconnectedness means that we must begin to perceive from a different place. Honoring the life in the land and the Life in all beings begins with an awareness that we too are made mostly of Life Itself.
We are called upon to recognize Natural Order inside of us first, transforming the eyes through which we see to become beacons of connection rather than separation.
The origin point of our efforts to achieve a healed environment will determine its outcomes.
Many of us in the Western Mind paradigm are responding to an emergency of survival that may affect us, and certainly will affect our children and grandchildren. We have sprung into action out of a crisis. In many cases, even if it’s over the last 20-30 years, we have begun to recycle, grow our own food, and gravitate towards fuel efficient or electric cars, because we can see that the situation is getting dire. In a sense, we are responding out of concern, and likely fear, for our survival as a species.
Our Ancient Ancestors knew the land and human body/mind/spirit to be different expressions of the same Life. If we drop our learned definitions for a moment, we can likely feel the motions of the river, the solid mana (energy) of the land, and the movement of the wind in our bodies. As you stand on the earth, in front of a body of water or under the stars, just open to feeling what rises in your body. Our ‘Indigenous Mind’ lives in each cell. We can begin to feel a deep resonance of our Universal family…if we are listening!
From this Source point, experiencing all of Life as related, those still connected with their Indigenous roots have cared for the land for Centuries, and probably millennia. Interacting with the land and with all other Life Forms, and caring for them as members of our Family, brings a completely different resonance to our actions. We act out of Love, not out of fear. We act out of Unity rather than a desperate attempt to ‘fix the environment’. Our approach comes out of communion and reverence for all of Life.
Caring for the land becomes the same as caring for my family, including the family of my 100 trillion cells. Nurturing an environment as much for it’s own health as our own, will multiply the Love with which we do this. Growing our own food from this place nurtures all aspects of our system as well as the micro and macro ecosystems we inhabit in the process. We come into a deeper relationship with the soil, microorganisms, creatures of the environment, seeds, plants and their offerings. They eventually become a part of us — nourishing the body, mind, spirit, emotions and overall well being. We end up caring for the Family of all Life. We find ourselves in the flow of Natural Order, which nurtures health and vitality.
If we can begin to shift our origin point back to the inherent Life in all things, we will reverberate in the realm of the Sacred in all that we do. Coming back into relationship with the separated parts of ourselves, both inside of us and in our environment, will create a Revolution of health and vitality for all aspects of our world — the Earth, our fellow creatures, and all of humanity.
It is an Ancient and Revolutionary act to come back to our original consciousness as One with all of Life. Start at the Source in You. “As Within, So Without”, we rise.